Our warranty is based on the legal requirements set by the country in which the customer lives. Should defects occur during this period, we will repair them under your retailer’s warranty. The guarantor and contact for claims is always the retailer with which you concluded the purchase trans­action. We cannot, unfor­tu­nately, assume any respons­ibility for damage caused by improper care and incorrect use. Such damage can, however, usually be repaired by us at cost price.

Product liability

We recommend that you have your footwear inspected five years after purchase by your specialist retailer or LOWA to look for wear or weak spots in materials or construction due to ageing or general wear and tear.

My LOWA boots are defective, but I’m not sure if that qualifies as a warranty claim or a justified complaint?

Please show any such defect to your specialist LOWA retailer (don’t forget your receipt!). Your retailer is also your guarantor and will handle your complaint accordingly within the warranty period. Thanks to their expertise, your retailer can best judge what steps to take, or if your boots should be sent for repair.
If you have any questions about repairs or taking care of your boots, or any complaints, please contact our service team:

Task Force Distri­bution Ltd.
Unit 10 – 11 Lister Close, Plympton
PL7 4BA Plymouth, Devon
Telephone: +44 1752 704527

Explan­ations on material ageing (hydrolysis)
Soles with a PU-based (poly­urethane) impact-absorbing wedge have very good high cush­ioning prop­erties and also retain them for a very long time. Never­theless, PU foams are subject to usual ageing. Over time, the material becomes brittle and can come off. The rubber outsole also ages over the years and hardens. That affects both the cush­ioning and adhesive prop­erties of the rubber. You should therefore have your footwear checked after five years at the latest by a retailer or LOWA. Whether the footwear has been worn a lot or not is irrelevant. Many models can then be resoled so that you can continue to use them.